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Brew City Church

Brew City Church

Meet the community

We are a group of people, revealing the beauty of Jesus and living life as family on mission together. BrewCity Church is a place for the broken to find healing without judgement. We would love for you to journey with us.

Our Story

Our story is a bit complicated. Two churches with very different beginnings, quite different roots and whose journeys weren’t very similar decided to come together and form one church out of the two. Sounds a bit crazy, right? It kind of is. But we’re convinced that this is what God is calling us into. We’re convinced that this is what God’s Kingdom is about–bringing different people together to celebrate and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. We’re committed to diving deeply into the truth of God’s heart for us. And we’re committed to one another. Our story is just beginning…but we are a part of a story that’s been playing out over centuries and generations. That story is that in Christ, God is bringing wholeness and life to a broken and sinful world. God has called us to come together to bring His truth, His love and His wholeness to the brokenness around us. We’d love for you to be a part of this story!