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Charlotte, North Carolina
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24-7 Charlotte

Meet the community

The Charlotte Boiler Room is a small collective of friends & followers of Christ who resonate with the core values of 24-7 Prayer. We meet together regularly to relationally & spiritually invest in one another, eat, pray, & be spurred on to live lives of prayer, mission & justice apart & together.In our community gatherings, we focus on being present to each other, sharing our highs & lows, encouraging each other & practicing spiritual disciplines together that help us walk with God.

Our Story

The Charlotte Boiler Room began as individuals who visited a prayer room & found like minded others all over the spiritual landscape. They shared the same heart to know God & be known by others outside of or as an augment to the traditional church context. Conversations turned into regular hang-outs which turned in the accidental birth of bona-fide community.