Church Mission Partners

Together equipping the Church in prayer, mission and justice

24-7 Church Mission Partners are communities who regularly give - financially and prayerfully - to further prayer, mission and justice around the world.


Since 1999, we’ve helped thousands of international communities and churches from different denominations and streams to pursue God in prayer; and to carry God’s presence to their local neighbourhoods in mission.

 “For My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples.”

Isaiah 56:7

We’re passionate about seeing God’s Kingdom Come and meeting the growing opportunities to help the global church to connect with God in prayer. And we’re passionate about partnering with church communities to make this happen.

Together, help us to catalyse prayer mission and justice all over the world. 

How your Community can become a 24-7 Church Mission Partner

  1. Share this invitation with your Church leadership
  2. As a community, set up a regular donation ONLINE or
  3. Contact for more information and other ways to give

How we partner with You

Your community will receive:

1. Quarterly updates from the 24-7 movement

2. First look at resources that we produce and events we run

3. Regular prayer points to equip your community to pray for the global 24-7 Prayer movement


Read more about 24-7 Prayer’s Vision

Find out more about giving regularly as a community


Interested in regular giving and praying as an individual?
Check out 24-7 Prayer Catalysts


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