Celebrating 20 Years of 24-7 Prayer!

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2 September 2019

This week, we’re celebrating TWENTY YEARS since the first ever 24-7 Prayer room began!

Pete Greig writes about it like this:

“So, on 5 September we gathered in that converted warehouse adjoining this virgin prayer room. Lloyd lit that candle and we all began to pray. To be honest, the first few hours until midnight were really hard, and I went home with a sense of apprehension about the prospect of returning at three in the morning for my first solo shift in the room.

But stumbling into the prayer room just three hours later, I blinked through bleary eyes in amazement. The only thing I can say is that by now, the room was buzzing. It was quietly alive, and quite unexpectedly, my heart began to race at the prospect of time in this special environment…

As soon as the previous person had left me alone, I found myself reading the prayers, prophesies and testimonies people had already written on the walls, thanking God with mounting excitement.”
– From Red Moon Rising

Join with us this week as we celebrate 20 years of non-stop prayer!

We’d love to hear your stories and see your photos of how you’ve been part of the 24-7 Prayer Movement over the past 20 years.

Tag us and use the hashtag #20yearsof247 on social media, or drop us an email with your stories and photos:

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