Macedonia: Glasnost

Glasnost Christian Movement is composed of 4 communities located in different Macedonian cities. Each community is a group of people with a common goal - to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Together they are discovering what it means to be authentic followers of Christ in their time and the culture in which they live.


Our Story

Glasnost understand life is a gift from God and are keen to see all-of-life as worship celebrating the Creator. This view of spirituality urges us to action and does not leave us indifferent to the suffering of people, both locally and globally. As the closest expression of God's paternal heart, we understand the church as a family, a place of healthy interpersonal relationships and deep, filled with acceptance and care. In response to God's love toward us, we desire to convey this message to all who want to hear.

Locally Glasnost run a kindergarten for Roma children (in the largest Roma community in Europe) work with drug addicts and orphans in Skopje and regularly take their message of hope fuelled with boundless creativity to cities all over Macedonia.

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