UK: Emmaus Rd

Emmaus Rd is a vibrant Boiler Room community and training hub for the 24-7 movement throughout Europe. Based in the city where 24-7 was launched, Emmaus centres everything it does in prayer whilst making a measurable difference amongst the poor and the lost. Led by Pete & Sammy Greig Emmaus Rd nurtures a particular commitment to prayer, mission, justice and training.


Our Story

Ever since the launch of 24-7 Prayer in a Guildford nightclub in the year 2000, this city has had a close association with the global 24-7 movement, and for many years our Missions office was based here led by Ian Nicholson.

The Emmaus Rd community began with a multiplication of prayer across the city. Eventually a core community formed which met (appropriately enough) in an Inn with a landlord who originated from Bethlehem. Emmaus grew significantly and relocated to the local Electric Theatre plus a central venue housing a 24-7 prayer room (of course), a training centre and offices for 24-7 Prayer International.

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