Spain: 24-7 Ibiza

The Ibiza Boiler Room operates across 2 locations on the island. In San Antonio, the base of the work, where it is known as the fourth emergency service – offering night time assistance to those in need and a prayer room in the West End, where there are more pubs and clubs per square mile than anywhere else in Europe. The second location is in Sa Penya, home to a displaced Roma community, where we live out the principles of prayer, mission and justice within a forgotten people group.


Our Story

24-7 Ibiza has been praying and practically reaching out to party-goers on this beautiful Mediterranean island for more than a decade, ever since the media dubbed it 'Sodom & Gomorrah' after the two Biblical cities destroyed for their outrageous depravity.

We look to meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the people we meet, by offering prayer, helping hundreds each season get home safely with the use of our ‘Vomit van’ and wheelchairs; giving out ‘Jesus Loves Ibiza’ Bibles, and being available, working nocturnally through the season and opening our centre during the daytime. We also work amongst those in the sex industry and those in prison.

After more than ten years, 24-7 Ibiza is an established, thriving, all-year round community seeking to make Jesus known across the island.

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