Switzerland: The Manor House Community

What do you get when 6 families decide to live in a community of houses and shared gardens?

We minimise our lives to the max, focussing on God and the service He has entrusted them with. We support each other as they take responsibility in families, in politics, business, and media. We punctuate our days with prayer and our months with the celebration of the stories of old...


Our Story

So, in short, what does it look like when 6 families begin to live a monastic lifestyle together?

A vibrant, down-to-earth, chaotic, imperfect but authentic group of Christfollowers, finding their way together as they explore modern monasticism - rooted on ancient spirituality, grounded in today’s society. The common rhythm of prayer helps us discover the new stories God is writing in and through our lives. It holds us together while also compelling us to move out and on. We find others attracted by it, joining us on the journey to plan similar communities all over Europe.

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