UK: 24-7 Prayer Stanford

Sharing life, rhythms of prayer and a commitment of hospitality for visitors and pilgrims 

Canada: Vancouver 614

"They will rebuild the ancient ruins, repairing the cities destroyed long ago. They will revive them, though they have been deserted for many generations." 

Spain: 24-7 Ibiza

Prayer, Mission & Mercy in the Party Capital of Europe 

UK: Emmaus Rd

We Pray, Play & Obey 

USA: Stockbridge Boiler Room

Prayer // Incarnation // Proclamation // Multiplication  

Macedonia: Glasnost

"A Voice in The Urban Desert" 

UK: HTB Furnace Community

Fuelling Continual Prayer at the Heart of HTB, London 

USA: Navah Church KC

Formerly known as the KC Boiler Room. "Our story stems back to the roots of friends in love with Jesus, praying and dreaming together." 

USA: Source

Living where there are over 100 languages within 1 1/2 miles. 

Switzerland: The Manor House Community

A modern day community embracing a monastic life of prayer, mission and justice 

Canada: GOHOP

Urban ministry in the heart of Greater Ontario 

South Africa: Tree of Life

"Growing a Jesus-loving family of families in Manenberg, Cape Town." 
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Boiler Rooms