Boiler Room Values

We're passionate about the presence of God and the difference He makes. Our vision is therefore driven by 3 core priorities and 6 common practices. These are shared and expressed by all Boiler Room communities, whatever their size, shape or location...

Our three priorities: 

  1. We seek to be authentic: TRUE to Jesus.
  2. We seek to be relational: KIND to others.
  3. We seek to be missional: LOYAL to the gospel.

These priorities aren't new. They come directly from Christ's Great Commandment (to love God and love our neighbour - Luke 10:27) and his Great Commission (to go make disciples - Matthew 28:19) 

Our six practices: 

We express each one of these three priorities in two practical ways:

1. We seek to be TRUE to Jesus through:

  • PRAYER & WORSHIP ~ because encounters with God can change everything 
  • CREATIVITY ~ because the Creator really is worth celebrating

2. We seek to be KIND to others through:

  • HOSPITALITY ~ because God has welcomed us into his family with lavish generosity
  • JUSTICE & MERCY ~ because we care passionately about those on the edges

3. We seek to be LOYAL to the gospel through:

  • MISSION ~ because the gospel is good news for every single person on the planet
  • LEARNING ~ because Jesus is still in the disciple-making business

You can find out more about these values and the Boiler Room Rule of Life in the book PunkMonk: New Monasticism & The Ancient Art of Breathing by Andy Freeman & Pete Greig (David C Cook)