The 24-7 Communities team

The global 24-7 Prayer Network is overseen and supported by a team of experienced leaders, convened by Pete Greig.

Each 24-7 Community is supported by a link person who visits regularly, working with the local team to develop leaders and encourage healthy growth. 

Communities come together every year at the 24-7 Prayer Conference.

The Team 

Adam Cox  Team leader at Navah Church, Kansas City, USA

Brian Heasley  International Prayer Director of 24-7 Prayer, Pioneer of 24-7 Ibiza

Carla Harding  GB Director, 24-7 Prayer 

Chris Westhoff  Itinerant prophet based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Ian Nicholson  Pioneer of 24-7 Mission, and planter of Emmaus Rd, Guildford, UK. 

Jill Weber     

Joe Steinke  Head of the 24-7 Academy in North America and part of Navah Church, USA

Jon Petersen  Adviser to Boiler Rooms around the world, based in Denver, Colorado. 

Mike Andrea  Leads Global Generation Church in Ramsgate, England

Pete Greig  Team leader at Emmaus Rd, UK. 

Roger Ellis  Founder of Revelation Church where 24-7 began; head of the 24-7 Academy

Roger Nix  Senior Pastor Believers’ Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma; chair 24-7 Prayer USA Board. 

Tommie Naumann  Swedish church planter currently based in Thessalonika, Greece.