Government of Mexico's Most Violent City Turns to Prayercarlos sanchez - 6 Dec 2008

I'm from Culiacan, Mexico.  You might not have heard of my city before.  Or the name might ring a bell, but you aren't quite sure why.  Well, if you were to head over to and do a news search for Culiacan, here are some of the headlines you'd get:

13 shooting victims found in Mexican cartel region

Mexican drug gangs in bloody war against crackdown

Armed men kidnap 27 farmworkers in Mexico

Another bloody night in Sinaloa, Mexico

Grenades explode outside Mexican daily's offices

I remember telling a friend recently that Culiacan is becoming more and more like Baghdad, Iraq every day.  If there is any city that needs prayer, it's mine.  Ever since I remember praying for something to happen in my city, we’ve prayed for unity. At every encounter, retreat and 24-7 prayer week we’d always make it clear that unity was a priority.

To be perfectly honest; in my mind when I prayed for unity, I pictured kittens cuddling. I mean, I’m not the kind of person to elaborate long and complicated prophetic pictures of what happens when we pray for unity. I’m pretty sure the more spiritual saw the pastors of our city having pizza together, but I am sure that no one could imagine that prayer in unity could mean a 30,000-people football stadium filled with our citizens from all denominations, the believers, seekers and curious, joined together humbled before God asking for one thing: For Him to transform our city.

In the 477 years of Culiacan’s history, nothing like this has happened before.  Early this year, our city council took the initiative of uniting churches from our city and asked us to pray and then to bring prayer to the common citizens in our city. Catholic, evangelical, free and apostolic churches decided the church is one and it would meet as one on December 7th, 2008. 

Everyone is involved, about 5000 in total. Children, youth and adults alike, they are all taking part in this massive event.

A friend of mine, Priscilla, has been involved with the organization of this event recently wrote:

“We’ve been working real hard for the past 6 months.  The best part of it all is that we can tell that this is coming straight from the heart of God; we’ve gone to each neighborhood of the city and just talked to people, telling them that God wants to bless them, and love them, we’ve been praying for their needs, their families, blessing each block, each street, each corner, declaring life where it has been declared death, declaring light where it has been declared darkness. it’s amazing what God has been doing, everybody is just so receptive, their hearts are open and ready for God to come and heal them; children, adults, old men and women are so thirsty and hungry, they are expectant of what’s been happening all over Culiacan.

God wants to heal our city, God wants to bless Culiacan, I’m not sure why He chose us or why He is doing this now, but what I am certain is that Culiacan will be a city we’re many would like to live in someday soon,  a city which will become -and yet is- a blessing for all nations.”

The interesting thing is that if you come and ask who is the person leading this movement, no one knows exactly where to point the finger. The local papers have interviewed a number of different people trying to figure it out and we foolishly say: Jesus. What you hear is the same heartbeat; a clear purpose in that this is not a rally or a crusade. There are no special guests, no great artistic performance, no “one” leader to stand above all, just a bunch of nobodies asking for forgiveness and favor from God.

We are in need of prayer, just a minute or two will make a tangible difference. Would you join us and pray for our city, church and state in such a time as this?

Download an informative brochure about this initiative for more information.

Government of Mexico's Most Violent City Turns to Prayer

carlos sanchez

Carlos Sánchez is a 24-7 Prayer Champion in Mexico and Latin America.  He has helped spread the 24-7 Prayer virus all over the continent since coming in contact with the movement while in Spain in 2003.  Carlos enjoys WoW (if you need to ask what it is, you don't need to know), prayer and mathematics.

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