Diabetic alert - 13 Nov 2001

Andy Freeman writes:
"Karen had a very bad night last night - if her sugars go below 1 she would go into a coma. She woke at 4.30 with them at 1.5 - complete fluke that she woke - or a miracle more likely. But that just scares her and me more. Don't want to go too overboard on all the spooky stuff but it seems her diabetes has got much worse since we started all this...."

Please pray urgently for Andy and his wife Karen plus their 4 kids. Karen became diabetic whilst pregnant and this is getting steadily worse.

As Andy heads up our first ever Boiler Room he is right out on the front -line and - amidst so many miraculour answers to prayer - is paying a great price on the home front. It's hard to imagine the strain for them as they live with this illness - and try to sleep at night.

As a community we have prayed wonderfully for Samie Greig and that covering undoubtedly brought her through brain surgery. Let's now turn our attention to this next big challenge.

You guys rock.

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