The Gathering Online: Everything you need to know - 22 Oct 2020

In just over a week, thousands of people from all over the world will be joining our first ever online conference: The Gathering Online.

24-7 conferences are always an explosion of God’s goodness as we join together – usually in cities across Europe -  for powerful worship, incredible teaching, and an abundance of time in community.

This year, of course, it will feel different.

And yet, we are so eagerly excited to gather, in our nations - in our homes - to unite together in prayer as we seek God’s presence not simply for ourselves, but for our world.

Excited yet? Keep reading for a little taste of what’s to come…


We’re spending a whole weekend together (Fri 30 Oct - Sun 1 Nov), with live sessions that will be available to watch afterwards for everyone who registers.

That means that, irrespective of your time zone, you’ll be able to tune in and be part of our time together. AND, our main sessions will be translated into Spanish and German too!

(for full timings in GMT, check out the ‘schedule’ section of our event page)


We’re welcoming 24-7 Prayer leaders from across the movement to share their heart and speak into the current circumstances. But we’ve also got some great friends of 24-7 Prayer joining us too, with special content from John Mark Comer (Bridgetown Church), Jonathan Tremaine Thomas (Civil Righteousness) and Jo Herbert James (Tearfund).

On Friday, there’s also a special stream for those living in the USA, and on Saturday night we’ll be joining for a very exciting and significant moment: our (first ever) ONLINE auction.


Every year at 24-7 conferences, we ask those who are attending to bring a homemade item with them, and the theme varies every year – from t-shirts to waistcoats to bags.

Then, on the Saturday night, we host a live auction with these homemade items. Groups of people and communities pool their money and bid hundreds of pounds – way more than the item is worth – so that it can be given to a project or individual in need.

In the past, auction money has blessed a wide range of people and projects –newly married couples, exhausted leaders, the homeless, refugees…

The auction is an opportunity for extravagant generosity. And this year, we’re running the whole thing online. It’s going to be wild and messy – just like the Kingdom of God so often is.


This year you don’t have to pay to be part of our conference – the whole weekend is completely free. And you can join us wherever you are.

There’s never been a better opportunity to experience the heart of the 24-7 Prayer movement, or to learn more about the way that God is catalysing prayer, mission and justice all over the world.

We can’t wait. We’d love you to be there.


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