Dive deep in prayer during lockdown: 24-7 Prayer’s Lectio 365 SeriesCarla Harding - 6 May 2020

As the world battles with Coronavirus, people are turning to prayer: 

To respond to this rising hunger, we’ve launched a NEW Lectio 365 series.

Between now and Pentecost we’re diving deep into different aspects of prayer. Together we’re exploring honesty, stillness, intercession, spiritual warfare, unanswered prayer and more.

Each day we’ll meditate on the Bible and draw wisdom from Pete Greig’s best-selling book How to Pray: A Simple Guide for Normal People.

Our aim is to arrive at Pentecost with deeper prayer lives; hearing God more clearly, interceding with greater authority, and having processed some of our disappointments too.

Join in today: download the Lectio 365 App for Apple or Android 

GO DEEPER: Go deeper alone or with others by reading the relevant chapters of Pete’s book, and download free videos and resources from 24-7prayer.com/lectio365resources


Carla Harding

Director for 24-7 Prayer GB

Carla leads on the work and growth of 24-7 Prayer across Great Britain and she is part of the Lectio 365 team, helping people pray the Bible every day. Her life was hijacked by God in 1999 during a two hour stint in the first ever 24-7 Prayer Room. Carla loves prayer and worship, friends and food, a well told story and a challenge to get her teeth into. In her spare time, Carla is an active member of Revelation Family Church, a 24-7 Prayer Community. She lives in Chichester, UK with her husband Steve and their children Jackson and Eloise.

Meet Carla
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