Into the Wild with Lectio 365 - 2 Mar 2020

How are you preparing for Easter?

Many Christians around the world are fasting and praying to focus on Jesus and to prepare for Easter.

Whether you take part in this season of Lent or not, we’ve got a new series on our devotional app, Lectio 365, to help you connect with God this March.

Each day, pause, breathe deeper and connect with God through the Bible .Put aside just 8 minutes to meditate on scripture, listen to God and shape your life, with content written by 24-7 Prayer leaders.

Together, we’ll explore the theme of wilderness in the life of Jesus and the Israelites.

This month, we welcome a guest co-writer Aaron White, leader of 24-7 Prayer Canada. Aaron has been a justice worker and prayer instigator in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver for 16 years, and his experience and perspective flavours March’s devotionals.

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