Introducing: Lectio 365 - 28 Nov 2019

After many months of writing and creating, we're SO pleased to introduce Lectio 365  - the brand new daily devotional resource from 24-7 Prayer, produced in partnership with CWR.   

Download the Lectio 365 app:


Download on Play Store (Android) 

Be inspired and equipped to seek God in your every day, and learn new, countercultural rhythms of stillness. 

Lectio 365 is inspired by Lectio Divina, an ancient way of meditating on scripture, and helps you to P.R.A.Y. the Bible every day:  

ause to be still

ejoice with a Psalm and eflect on Scripture

sk for God’s help  

ield to His will in your life 

Advent content begins on Sunday 1 December, but you can download the app now! 

FIND OUT MORE about our new daily devotional resource on the Lectio 365 homepage


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