#Belfast19: The Generosity Auction - 29 Aug 2019

The 24-7 Prayer auction is, without doubt, one of the biggest highlights of our conferences each year.

It’s a radical outpouring of generosity, where everyday homemade items are sold for huge amounts of money, and donated to those across the global 24-7 Prayer movement who need it most.

In the past, the auction has blessed couples, families, communities, mission opportunities and refugees.

And the best part is that everyone gets to join in by bidding, or by contributing a handmade item to be sold.

Last year, we raised over £20,000 through an exquisite range of handmade, customised aprons.

This year, however, we’re landing into the cool, stylish city of Belfast. And such a place requires an auction item with as much class and sophistication.

So this year, we are incredibly excited to announce, we’ll be auctioning...


Get ready for our smartest auction yet.

You can sew, embroider and embellish your waistcoat any way you like. All we ask is that you make sure you bring it to Belfast, ready to be snapped up at our final night party:

Here’s what you have to do:

1.    Customise your waistcoat
2.    Bring it to Belfast’19
3.    Give it to one of the team before the party 
4.    Come along to the auction and get bidding!


Book your tickets for Belfast'19 on our events page


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