5 Reasons why you should come to Belfast'19 - 3 Jul 2019

Our Global Conference in Belfast this October is just a few months away! 

Wondering about joining us? Here are 5 reasons why you absolutely should: 

1. The 24-7 Prayer global community is amazing

Our conferences are the perfect place to meet people from all over the world and hear stories of God at work. There'll be time to chat with new friends over coffee; join in with our annual generosity auction; and party with us on our final evening together. 

2. It's our 20 year anniversary! 

We'll be celebrating two decades since the first ever 24-7 Prayer room; sharing stories and looking to the future. 

3. We've got some incredible friends joining us

We can't wait to learn, grow and worship with our 2019 contributors, coming from a range of backgrounds and contexts. We're so excited to welcome Pastor Agu Irakwu from RCCG UK, Cardinal Schonborn from Vienna, Bob and Gracie Ekblad from USA and so many more (check out the full list on our Belfast event page). 

4. Our conferences really are for everyone

Whether you’ve been running 24-7 Prayer for years, or just starting out on your own prayer journey, you're invited to come and join us! 

5. You'll have a lot of fuN

Not convinced? Watch our promo video: 

BOOK YOUR TICKET: 24-7prayer.com/belfast19 


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