Focus on Jesus: Live out His AromaStefanie Wittwer - 18 Jan 2019

A deliciously spicy smell wafts up from my hands. The result of spending the last hour grinding spices in a mortar and pestle for tomorrow’s meal.

My thoughts are with our guests: some young men from Afghanistan. I’m praying that they would feel the welcome of our family, but also the welcome of God’s love.

It’s hard work, grinding. While the cinnamon sticks turn into powder, some of the other ingredients put up more resistance. After a long time, there are still bits of cardamom pod that refuse to be broken down any further, so they have to be removed.

During this process, thoughts turn to my own heart and I begin to wonder; if my life was ground up what aroma would it release? 

Which parts of my life are like the cardamom pod – with a delicious smell, but ultimately, those that have to be removed. We all have enticing habits that draw our attention away from God; being concerned about ourselves more than Jesus.

But then there are parts of my life which are truly desirable and pleasing to God. I stop and pause - in which areas have I allowed His love and grace to transform me? Recently I have been challenged to be slower to judge people, quicker to love them.  

Yet even though we are all still learning, God sees our ultimate purpose and potential.

“For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing”

 2 Corinthians 2:15

I imagine the pleasing aroma of our lives to God – like the pleasing scent of spices on my hands. We are created by God to be a blessing; to live out the aroma of Christ in our lives.

Let the way I reflect you become clearer and brighter as I fix my eyes on you and practice living out the power of your love.


This blog is part of our 2019 Focus on Jesus series.


Stefanie Wittwer

Stef was born and raised in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. She and her family live in an intentional Boiler Room / New Monastic community in Switzerland. They are also part of the A300 programme, training and equipping others to begin their own intentional communities. 

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