It's A Penalty: Fighting Human Trafficking at The Super Bowl - 15 Jan 2019

The Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta is one of the most high-profile sporting events of 2019, and the incredible It’s A Penalty campaign are using this platform to encourage millions of people to stand up against human trafficking.

Globally, 24.9 million people are trapped in modern day slavery, with 4.8 million forced into sexual exploitation.

But It’s A Penalty are striving to change this.

Their 2018 Super Bowl campaign in Minneapolis reached over 16 million people, and their reporting hotline registered a 300% increase in calls reporting exploitation and trafficking compared to 2017.

And this year in 2019, we’re standing with It’s A Penalty in support and prayer.

The campaign, launched today, will run throughout the Super Bowl taking place on 3 February.

Over this time, take a moment to act, and pray:


Watch and share the It’s A Penalty 2019 Campaign video on social media.


1. Pray that the campaign reaches and informs the maximum number of people

2. Pray that staff and volunteers across the campaign will be effectively trained and equipped to respond to human trafficking

3. Pray that action will be taken and for victims of trafficking to be rescued and released

Find out more about It’s A Penalty and their 2019 Super Bowl Campaign on their website.


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