Introducing: Our Advent'18 Series - 30 Nov 2018

We’re stopping for one minute each weekday to pause. To Selah.

Volume III: The Selah Series

And for 2018, we’re delving deep into prayer.

We’ll be exploring...

5 practical prayer rhythms

5 inspiring prayer warriors

5 incredible characters from the Christmas story.

(and some encouragements for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day too)

Learning together how to connect with Jesus. God with us. Each day. Every day.

And even better – all 5 episodes for the week will be released on the Sunday before. Perfect for the morning commute, small group discussion or simply so that you can build it into your daily routine.

(You can even binge watch them if you want).

So join us, each weekday of Advent as we delve deep into prayer together.


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