Serving, Praying, Skiing: 24-7 on the Slopes - 18 Nov 2018

We love sharing stories of 24-7 Prayer rooms all over the world. This week, we received this brilliant update from Lara and Will, who are about to start a season of non-stop prayer in a chalet in the French Mountains...

18 years ago, we started a ski chalet business by accident.

We bought an apartment in Méribel, France, found some friends to cook in it and rented it out. All of a sudden, a business had begun.

And then, 10 years after that, I became a Christian. The next year, my husband did too.

And then the real adventure began…

We asked God what we could do for Him where we were in Méribel, and He led us into a little church in the town – one that’s only open for two services a year. Christmas and Easter, that’s it.

We opened up this church for a while, and visiting speakers preached in it. It was an encouraging start - but God was still opening new doors...

We wanted Méribel to become somewhere where Christians could come not only to ski, but learn together, spend time in community.

So we developed Altitude Mission; to build faith and leaders whilst using practical talents and skills, discipling, mentoring and helping students discover God’s purpose for their lives.

We feel that God has given us the perfect place – a 24 bed chalet, rented out with the vision of a ski instructors’ course for Christians. An opportunity for Christians to learn new skills but also to grow in their relationship with God.

We also want to practically reach out to skiers in the resort and help Méribel pastorally. In our icy climate, clubbers have been known to die of hypothermia on the street -  so we want to help skiers home when they’re too drunk to ski. We’re seeking ways to practically serve the community we’re part of.

And now, as we start this season, we’ve developed a 24-7 Prayer room in the basement of the chalet. A place to provide the fuel for the chalet and the whole of Méribel.

Because something supernatural happens when you register a prayer room. The desire for prayer burns inside you until you can’t imagine how you were ever going to manage without one.

Our prayer room will open on 16th December 2018 as the first guests arrive. It’s a 24 bed chalet; so we’ll have the perfect number of people for non-stop prayer.

We can’t wait to see what God has planned in Méribel for this season. If you’d like to come and be part of what’s happening, you can either join our instructor course, or come and serve on a short-term mission week, to ski and serve.

Find out more about being part of the 2018-19 season on the Altitude Mission website.


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