How a Vlogger introduced two Students to God's Presence... - 9 Nov 2018

We love that God meets with people creatively. This amazing story from some of our friends in Scotland shows how in a remarkable way... 

There are two fresher students on our student Alpha course.

Before they came along, they had no links to our church at all.

That is until they were watching one of their favourite vloggers on Youtube, who mentioned a story of doing an Alpha Course...

Intrigued, they did a search for Alpha to see if there were any courses in Edinburgh. Seeing that we were about to start a Student Alpha Course, they decided to come along.

Without any previous link to Church, they’ve quickly become the most committed members of the course.

But the story doesn’t end there.

A few weeks ago one of the Alpha leaders felt God telling them that one of the freshers needed to go and visit the 24-7 Prayer room in our Church.  So, following this prompting, we asked her if she could help bring the cushions back at the end of the evening session.

As soon as the fresher walked into the prayer room she had a powerful, physical reaction to the presence of God. She started swaying as if she was drunk; but she wasn’t.

It was a completely authentic reaction to the presence of God.

She was in awe, asking, “What is this feeling? What’s in this room?”

As she made her way around the prayer room, the fresher learnt how to pray. She read stories of God on the prayer room wall, welling up and saying, “God really meets with people”.

Meanwhile - unaware of what was already happening - another Alpha leader felt God telling her that the other fresher student who had come along also needed to be in the prayer room. 

And, as the other fresher walked in, she had a very similar reaction. She too was in awe of the presence of God that she found in the room.  

These two students have been on an amazing journey with God over the past month. Through their story, it has been beautiful to see how creative God is in bringing people into relationship with Him.

They discovered Alpha because of a video on Youtube, and the moments they each had in the prayer room were huge factors in their growing faith, learning about who Jesus is. We’re so excited to see what happens next.

Inspired by this story? Find out more about running Alpha, or set up a 24-7 Prayer Room in your community.


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