24-7 Book Review: Simply Pray by Johannes Hartl - 31 Oct 2018

“This book should help you to learn to pray. It is like a do it-yourself course in one of the most important subjects in life, perhaps the most important of all”  - Johannes Hartl

Johannes Hartl is a great friend of 24-7 Prayer, so we’re pretty excited about his new book, Simply Pray. It’s a fresh look at how to develop rhythms of prayer and prayer habits into your daily life.

With twelve chapters, each with practical exercises at the end, Johannes creatively shows that prayer doesn’t have to be boring or difficult. He uses images, ideas and simple language to equip and inspire every kind of person to go deeper in their prayer life.

“I have read many great inspirational books on prayer, but some have left me with the question 'Yes, but how?' Johannes not only inspires devotion, but also responds to that question …”

- Brian Heasley

Simply Pray is an easy-to-read mixture of personal reflection combined with practical activities. Johannes offers a fresh look at ancient prayer habits such as silence and stillness, as well as reimagining the Old Testament temple, and unpacking the Lord’s prayer to help us connect with God differently.

It’s a reminder for all of us that prayer begins with God, and that each interaction in prayer shapes us, forms us, helps us to see the world differently.

Simply Pray is a book that will equip and encourage you to engage with God in new ways. It is an apt and timely reminder that we don’t have to pray in the same way, every day - but we can all pray. That’s the simple encouragement.

Simply Pray is now available online, in bookshops and on the Muddy Pearl website.


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