How we used Prayer Stations at our Wedding - 5 Oct 2018

Most prayer stations and prayer rooms we hear about are part of a church community week of prayer.

However, we received this story from Kirsten, who used prayer stations the night before her wedding ceremony! 

Here, she shares her story: 

Back when my husband David and I got engaged, we excitedly began to plan our wedding. However, we also began to dream about what it would look like to centre our wedding around prayer and worship.

I had always dreamt of holding a worship night with all of my friends and family coming together to experience the presence of God, and we realised that our wedding was an incredible opportunity to do exactly that.

So, we planned our wedding around a prayer and worship night the night before. We moved our rehearsal to the morning and had a rehearsal lunch instead of dinner. Then, our night of prayer and worship kicked off that evening. We wanted to use prayer stations to help people engage with God, like in a 24-7 Prayer room.

We started out in worship, then opened up the mic for people to share words or scriptures with us. God really spoke to us during this time. Then, we transitioned into the prayer stations.

David and I had really prayed through the stations, and chosen stations that helped people to pray through the different elements and symbolism in a wedding. We had stations devoted to the rings, the veil and the wedding feast, as well as space for people to praise God.

“After the wedding, one of my friends said to me, “I finally understand why God describes his return as a wedding celebration!”

We knew that the prayer stations would be new for many people, and so we simply encouraged people that this was their time with God, and so they could do whatever they wanted. They could just sit and pray on their own, worship quietly, pray with someone near them, spend all their time at one station, or try and go through all of them.

It was amazing - we heard so many testimonies of freedom and breakthrough for individual people during this time; especially from those that did not even profess to be Christians!

And, the next day at our wedding, we felt that the whole atmosphere was completely different because of the way we structured the day before. The wedding ceremony itself felt so much more meaningful.

I cannot imagine doing a wedding any other way. After the wedding, one of my friends said to me, “I finally understand why God describes his return as a wedding celebration!”

We saw broken relationships reconciled, we worshipped God, encountered the presence of God, and saw the unity not only of two coming together in marriage, but a body of people coming together in heart and mind.

See below for a selection of the prayer stations from Kirsten and David’s wedding (Photo Credit: Kirsten Mount)

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