The Worshipping Ibiza: Encens 2018 - 2 Oct 2018

Sara Torres is a long-term friend of 24-7 Prayer- she was the first person to invite us to the Island of Ibiza, and now is part of the 24-7 Prayer Ibiza community on the island.

Last year Sara started an event in Ibiza called Encens. Here, she s
hares her story, and her heart for this event: 

"The objective is simple: to seek the Lord and give Him praise!" 

Two years ago, I heard Jesus say to me: "...the set time to favour her has come”  - Psalm 102:13. 

I knew exactly what He meant. It was the dream that I had carried in my heart for so long; to see a worshipping Ibiza, a community filled with love and unity for one another. 

So, like all dreams we started small. Last year we rented a villa near San Antonio, Ibiza and decided to invite friends and people we knew to come and join us for a three-day gathering of worship.

And that is how Encens was born.

On this adventure, we partnered with Dj Unity, a collective of amazing servant hearted DJs that promote extraordinary values and add richness to this equation.

This year we expect great things to happen again. Our gathering will take place 12 – 14 October 2018 at an amazing venue in the Ibizan countryside called Can Truy.

Our aim is to come together using all kinds of artistic expressions to worship God, in a 3 day, 24-hour worship gathering.

Together, we’ll praise, worship and pray continuously, using a variety of worship styles and expressions including acoustic music, DJ sets, painting and dance.

The objective is simple: to seek the Lord and give Him praise!

Last year, in the opposite spirit to the hedonism for which Ibiza is famous, we avoided brands, billboards and excess, and aimed for simple excellence with a complete focus on Jesus.

This year we’re striving for the same atmosphere of undistracted worship, prayer and transformation. There will be two stages for music, prayer and prophetic areas, teaching tents and a prayer room for quiet reflection.

This isn’t a usual conference and there’ll be no guest speaker – we’ll spend our time following the leading of the Spirit, creating an environment for God’s children to hear his voice and listen to what He wants to say to us.

Please pray for the team as they prepare, and for the gathering together.

If you’d like to find out more, or book to go to Encens, check out their website.


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