#Vienna18: The Auction  - 1 Sep 2018

For many years at our conferences, the 24-7 Auction has been a key fixture and incredible highlight of our time together.

This year will be no different, except that our friends Loretto will be joining in with the fun too!

A Beginner’s Guide to the 24-7 Auction: 

Our auction is an evening of wild generosity, with individuals and communities bidding against each other for homemade items. The money raised goes towards those within the 24-7 movement who need it most. 

Every year, we choose a different item to auction off, and we receive entries from 24-7 communities and individuals all over the world. 

And this year, we are very excited to announce that this year, we’re auctioning….


The most practical of items, used for cooking, cleaning and painting; but we want to take the humble apron to new levels, and add some creative 24-7 Prayer customisation. 

So, whether you’re stitching, embroidering or tie-dying your apron, get creative, get excited and bring your creation to Vienna, ready for auctioning at our party. 

1.    Customise your apron 
2.    Bring it to Vienna18
3.    Give it to one of the team before the party 
4.    Come along to the auction and get bidding!


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