Encounter Prayer: The Prayer Course for PrisonersBrian Heasley - 3 Jul 2018

We’ve just launched a new version of our Prayer in Prisons course.

Brian Heasley, our International Prayer Director, shares more of the heart behind this course, and how it came to be: 

From the beginning of time, God has always wanted to have encounter with people: to walk, communicate and live in relationship with them. I love that encountering the presence of God can change lives.

As a young man in and out of the UK penal system, I lost my way and God became a distant figure. I lost sight of Him and became caught in a pattern of life that was destructive and hurtful. 

This cycle seemed endless: I couldn’t shake my sin and my ways. But then, many years ago, in a probation hostel, I called out to God in prayer and he came and met with me. 

It was an encounter that changed my life, altered my destiny and set me free. 

The verse that spoke to me as I prayed that day was Isaiah 59:1: 

“Surely the arm of the lord is not to short to save nor his ear to dull to hear”

I was overwhelmed that God’s arm could reach in anywhere and save anyone, and that his ear was inclined towards me. He not only saved but he listened too. 

From that day on I grew in my belief that God wants to encounter us, in life changing ways. God is interested in people, and capable of breaking through any barrier that is set in order to encounter them.

A number of years ago, we decided that one of the best things we could do was to teach prisoners to pray. We believed that it would be an incredibly powerful and redemptive initiative if we could teach prisoners how to encounter God - the God who could reach into their lives and cells. 

And that’s why we’ve written Encounter Prayer, which is a prayer course for prisoners. We piloted it in a UK prison and few other places. Now, we’ve honed the content and, thanks to the generous help of the 24-7 Prayer community, we’ve had it reprinted. 

We believe that as we teach prisoners about prayer, they will encounter God. In fact, one prisoner who went on the course said: “before this course my faith was a mole hill but now it is a mountain.” 

This is the beauty of encountering God. 

If you work in prison or have a prison ministry, we’d love you to have a copy of this resource and use it where you are. 

We believe that Encounter Prayer is a vital course that will change lives and lead many in prisons to Encounter God. 

Find out more, and order your copy by heading to our Encounter Prayer page



Brian Heasley

International Prayer Director

Brian Heasley now serves as the International Prayer Director after leading 24-7 Ibiza and has been part of the prayer movement since it began. Brian is a gifted communicator with passion for prayer, mission and justice. He is married to Tracy and has two teenage sons. The family live in Norfolk and are involved in a Christian community there. Brian’s other passions are Liverpool football club, tapas and photography. You can read about the incredible story of 24-7 Ibiza in Brian's book, 'Gatecrashing'.

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