The Prayer Ambulance helping people discover the power of prayer - 7 Jun 2018

We’re seeing an incredible number of mobile prayer rooms, from Caravans to Campervans, popping up all over the world!

The latest addition comes from the Anglican Diocese of Wellington, New Zealand, who recently purchased a 1984 Bedford Ambulance and converted it into a mobile prayer room. Here, they share their story:

It all started with a call to engage in prayer more deeply, inspired by our experiences of 24-7 Prayer....

One of the things we’ve loved is passing the baton of prayer from one person to the next. The idea of a prayer ambulance takes it up a notch: from one worshipping community to the next!

The idea first came as a prophetic image of an ambulance to Richard, one of the project co-ordinators, which didn’t make much sense to him until he spent some time discerning it. He finally realized when he saw the images of the prayer campervan in the Netherlands on Facebook!

The Prayer Ambulance will travel around our Diocese, and each worshipping community will be free to use it either as a 24-7 prayer space, or to take it out into the wider community as a way of beginning conversations about prayer and encouraging people to begin their relationship with Jesus.

So far it’s been in action for a few weeks – it was parked outside the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul between Ascension until Pentecost as a 24-7 Prayer space.

Recently, the ambulance has been used by a church who took it to shopping malls, and this week another church will use it as their morning and evening prayer space, as well as part of their ‘pancakes and prayer’ outreach; where local children are given pancakes on the way to school and invited to spend time in prayer. Soon it’s going to the Victoria University of Wellington for students to use before or after their exams.

It’s been overwhelming how many people have stopped in to talk with us, particularly on their way to work – largely people who don’t know Christ but are keen to explore faith.

One of the main comments we’ve had is that people haven’t felt comfortable crossing the threshold of a church, but that the ambulance is a non-threatening space to begin their journey.

We believe that this ambulance will provide a very visible witness to the power of prayer in our capital city and surrounding region, and that it will empower people who already know Christ to pray more deeply and share their faith, as well as drawing people in who don’t know Christ already.

"So they set out and went from village to village, proclaiming the good news and healing people everywhere...."

- Luke 9:6

Pray for the team who are involved in the prayer ambulance: for deliverance and healing for all involved in this ministry.

They’re also raising money to cover the costs – visit for more information and how you can help.  


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