Community Roots: #1 - Ibiza - 9 May 2018

24-7 Ibiza was one of the earliest expressions of 24-7 Prayer community, officially founded back in 2004 by Brian and Tracy Heasley, and built on by Charlie and Abby Clayton.

Today, it’s a growing and thriving multi-faceted ministry across the island. Dave and Liz Slinn are the Ibiza community leaders and joined  the team in 2017. Here they share their vision:

What’s your link to 24-7 Prayer?

Liz and I have been connected with 24-7 Prayer since the early days, seeing the difference that prayer makes. The 24-7 Ibiza community has been birthed from this too: from one invitation from an islander for 24-7 Prayer to come.

It’s been going and growing since summer teams first started serving here back in 2000.  

What’s your community vision?

The 24-7 Ibiza mission has been going for years: serving holidaymakers each summer in San Antonio, and reaching out to the local community in Sa Pena. But as we arrived here, we felt God asking us to build him a home – a church.

So 24-7 Ibiza is in a really exciting phase of growth; and we’re growing God’s church together – in all its beauty, mess and complexity.

How do you foster and grow community?

In short – relationships.  We arrived in early 2017, and there were already a few different elements to 24-7 Ibiza. One of our focus areas has been for those areas to be joined together.  

We’ve played with a few different rhythms to support the established ministries, as well as building for the future. Currently we have a simple Sunday gathering of around 50 people of all ages, with worship, teaching and eating together.

We also have a team meeting each week, to grow together.  Different team members are responsible for specific areas of outreach – from our summer mission to ongoing community work.

" Live like you’re going to die where you are!

If you’re constantly looking around, you’ll miss what God is saying to you..."

What does prayer, mission and justice look like for you?

Due to the nature of the summer party season, there is a big difference in what our rhythms look like across the year. The summer is all about growing the work that began all those years ago - teams of volunteers join the permanent Ibiza streets team patrolling and praying in the west end for holiday makers.

But there is a growth to what’s happening throughout the year, too. We helped to cook a Christmas meal for some of the homeless guys in Ibiza town on Christmas Day; during Lent we prayed every evening; we ran our very first Alpha course, prayed during a healing festival; shared the gospel on the streets, baptised people in the sea; prayer walked around neighbourhoods; made space to read the Bible and of course, we ate a lot together too!

What are the highlights and challenges facing you at the minute?

On top of everything that has been growing over a number of years, we’ve been blown away with Gods generosity in all areas since our arrival.

We’ve seen a huge growth in team, both around the street work and community.  We’ve created different spaces for people to encounter God. We’ve seen prodigals come back, six people become Christians, we’re marrying a couple in a few weeks and have even been invited to the UK’s Spanish Ambassador’s Garden Party!

The challenges, at times have been steep: learning a new language and relying on God to provide in new ways. But as we submit to deeper commitment, discipleship and faith, God has been faithful.

What’s your advice on growing as a community?

Live like you’re going to die where you are!  If you’re constantly looking around, you’ll miss what God is saying to you.

Before we moved to Ibiza we weren’t looking for the next thing, we were just open to what God was inviting us into. That was our strategy: to dig in. And that’s what we’re doing here!

What is your vision moving forward? 

We want to see a church established and growing here in Ibiza.  One that is making a measurable difference in society with the poor and marginalized.

There are big changes on the island and part of what we’ll be looking at in the coming year is how we can react and respond to the needs - what role we have as a community in this place.

This is the first part of our Community Roots blog series, unpacking global stories from 24-7 Communities. Find out more on the series homepage



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