The Call to Christian Mission: Interview with author Tim Way - 4 Apr 2018

In all of our international 24-7 Communities are amazing individuals who have a wealth of wisdom on what it looks like to live out prayer, mission and justice.

Tim Way is part of the Tulsa Boiler Room, and has written a book called Sent: Reflections for Christian on Mission. 

“The book is built on the premise that God’s love is the foundation for all the mission that we want to be part of….”

This short video interview, filmed by the Tulsa Boiler Room, sheds a little light on the book's purpose and how it came to be: 

“The real sweet spot is when we know the love of God, and we begin to minister and engage in his mission because we have become so convinced that he loves us deeply and we want to be part of the thing that he cares about.”

You can get a copy of Tim's book online.

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