“It really can be this simple” - Sharing Hope in GermanyCrystal Cryer - 7 Feb 2018

Crystal is part of the 24-7 Prayer Scotland team. Last year, she visited the Polylux Community – a 24-7 community living in North-East Germany. Here, she shares some of her reflections:

I sat blinking back tears; my heart full; watching these beautiful people gathered around the small fire. Beers and soft drinks in hand; discussing; listening to one another; sharing thoughts and opening hearts.

Everything being said was in German so I couldn't understand, but the hunger, sincerity and growing openness of heart were obvious; transcending language barriers.

And I found myself thinking, “It really can be this simple.”

I learned a few things during my week with the Polylux community, and the simplicity of sharing the hope and love of God with your neighbours was one of them.

The Community live and work on a housing estate called the Datzeberg within one of the poorest regions in Germany. They have been there for a while now. They have not rushed or pushed anything but have lived, loved, learned and prayed their way forward.

This challenged me. Their willingness to move at the pace of those they live alongside, who have had little to no experience of Christian church, so are understandably slow to open up.

And that patience is now bearing fruit.

They didn’t arrive there with big missional strategies, but humbled themselves and learned the culture there. For many of us, an obvious way of getting to know our new community is to invite others round to our home for dinner. But in a place where people are struggling to feed their own families, the Polylux community knew they couldn’t put people into a position where they felt obliged to return a dinner invitation.

So they have intentionally made the effort to get to know people elsewhere - in the hallways, the gardens, the playpark and the carpark. And as a result, they have built trust and friendships.

, “…those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things that belonged to him was his own, but they had everything in common.”

-Acts 4:32

The Polylux community live this. They share food, bicycles, furnishings, cars and their community garden. They look after one another and when one of them is hurting or in need, they all feel it as if it were their own.

It is beautiful to see, and I think it makes God smile!

Recently, they discovered a way to share the source of their hope with their Datzeberg family. Inspired by The God Story, the community filmed short narrations of Bible stories and began to share these short films with their neighbours.

Then, they began gathering round the fire an evening a week to discuss and learn together these fascinating accounts of God and His relentless pursuit of the hearts of humanity.

And it was at one of these evenings around the fire that I thought, “It really can be this simple. And not only that - it’s beautiful.”


You can be part of a 24-7 Prayer mission team on the Datzeberg this summer! Check out our Mission Team pages.

Interested in reading more? Check out this blog from last year with more information about the Polylux community.



Crystal Cryer

Crystal Cryer originally hails from Oregon, but now claims Scotland as home. She is the National Coordinator for 24-7 Prayer Scotland and is also part of the Prayer Spaces in Schools Scotland team. Crystal loves hospitality, cooking and talking about prayer. 

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