The Pop Up Prayer Room making its way around the Netherlands - 25 Jan 2018

A room isn't the only way that 24-7 Prayer can happen. Earlier in the week we received a report of a popup prayer van making its way around the Netherlands!

Edwin, who's part of the 24-7 team there, shares some of his vision behind it: 

Over the past 5 years we’ve seen more than 200 prayer rooms happening among students in the Netherlands. Thousands had an encounter with God, discovering that they could pray in new, fresh ways.

Our belief is that prayer leads to mission, and we’re already seeing glimpses of this. The number of students attending Alpha has increased over the years. We’re seeing more students doing prayer walks and offering prayer at their campuses. In the city of Nijmegen, we saw the birth of Perplex, a student missional community with a prayer room at the heart of it all.

But to be honest, we believe that we need to challenge Dutch students a little bit more to pray ON campus.

Just like Jesus, we want to move into the neighbourhood.

We believe that praying among the people we’re praying for will give our prayers more direction; we want God to break our hearts for what breaks His. And we’re looking forward to God bringing transformation and hope as these prayers are answered.

This is why we’ve got our prayer van – our #poppupprayerroom. We believe it’s important to bring prayer into neighbourhoods, for students who don’t yet know Jesus.

More and more students are experiencing burnout; so by parking the #Popupprayerroom on university campuses, we want to give them a chance to experience peace.

And we’re praying that they have an encounter with the living God.

We’ve printed 2500 prayer request cards to begin with, and we want to collect as many prayer requests as we can. The plan is that over the next two years, the #popupprayerroom will visit every university in the Netherlands.

Already, students in the city of Utrecht are making plans to use the van during Freshers week so they can serve all those students that are too drunk to make their way to their bed safely.


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