The Power of Relentless Prayer for a Forbidden Nation - 18 Jan 2018

We received this incredible update from a couple living in India who felt God's call to pray relentlessly. It's a remarkable example of faith and the power of prayer. 

" Our prayers reach mountains no one can climb and speak languages we have never learned..."

Picture this. Your mission is to see a spiritual revolution in a nation you’re not allowed to enter. In fact, the closest you can live to this nation is a hundred miles away. These people do not speak your language, and they’ve been warned about “people like you.” 

What’s your game plan?

It may sound crazy, but this has been our life for the past 2 years. My husband and I are part of a team living in India that are focusing prayers on the nation of Bhutan. Bhutan is a tiny buddhist kingdom nestled in the Himalayas and Tibetan Buddhism is woven into the very fibre of Bhutanese culture.

For most people, the two cannot be separated - to be Bhutanese is to be a buddhist.

In the west, buddhism is often perceived as a peaceful philosophy, but the reality of buddhism in Bhutan can be one of fear and oppression. People’s lives are centred around appeasing local deities and warding off evil with religious rituals. The elderly can often be found in a trance-like state spinning prayer wheels and reciting mantras in hopes of a better life after death.

As you imagine what you might do, you’ll probably come to the same conclusion as us. To pray. And to pray more. And call others to pray. 

We are driven to cry out in prayer to the God who does the impossible.

We’re convinced that no door can keep our prayers out. Our prayers reach mountains no one can climb and speak languages we have never learned. In a way, the limitations of our work show us a true reality that we’re quick to forget as believers: we are dependent. We are incapable. 

But we are invited to partner with a God who is unlimited and beyond capable. And it is His good pleasure to give us the kingdom. 

In my prayers for Bhutan, I am often reminded of the shepherd that left his 99 sheep to seek the one that was lost. Bhutan reminds me of that one - so small and insignificant compared to the 99.

But still the shepherd leaves the flock, still he seeks that one. And I look forward to the day that Bhutan is carried home with great rejoicing on the shoulders of a shepherd who has faithfully sought her.


After we received this email we sent it across to a Christian leader living in Bhutan. These prayer requests were the response: 

Pray for spiritual revolution; for God to soften the hearts of Bhutanese people and the King towards the gospel of Jesus. And pray for God to grant us boldness to share his Gospel. 

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