Finding Connection at University - 27 Sep 2017

We love Fusionwho are incredible at inspiring and encouraging students to live for Jesus during their university years.

Viki is part of their student mission team and has written this encouraging blog about how to stay focused on God on campus:

“Your connection with Jesus will increase as you walk in obedience with Him…” 

When I started uni the very first question I asked when I arrived in my halls of residence was “what's the wifi password?” After a 3-hour car journey with no internet, my priority was getting connected. 

My uncle helped unpack the car, laughing at my apparent 'need' for wifi, stating that our generation wouldn't function without connection. I wanted to disagree with him and tell him that without connection I'd be a perfectly functional human being, but honestly, that just wouldn't be true.

It's not true of my generation, not true of earlier generations and won't be true of future ones either. Put simply, humans need connection. 

Just as I chose to connect with the world around me, I also chose to connect with God at university. Like all relationships where there has to be a conscious decision to prioritize someone. there has to be a conscious decision to prioritize Jesus: in the midst of Fresher’s week; in lectures; on nights out; as well as Sunday mornings.

But how, in an age where our attention is drawn to so many different things, can we stay connected with God at university? 

Here are three ways I found helpful:

1. Connection with Jesus

There are so many benefits in taking time daily to seek Jesus. This is the time to receive spiritual nourishment but it looks different to every person.

For some this means waking up at sunrise and reading your Bible; for others this means chatting with Jesus before bed. Don’t stress if mornings aren’t your thing, or you fall asleep while you pray. I found supernatural rest in bike rides and praying while walking along the beach. Try new things in this new season to find a connection with God that fits you.

We are all created to uniquely communicate with Jesus - find your fit.

2. Connection with Family

Find a church. This seems obvious, yet often gets pushed to the bottom of the pile. Go on a church search, make a decision and get stuck in. Simply ask Jesus to direct your footsteps and align your heart to seek a church that you can serve in, not just a church that serves you.

Getting connected with a small group and serving where God calls you to will enable you to get to know more people and feel a part of the family.

3. Connection with Friends

You may be the only Christian other people meet at university. Let that sink in.

When their music is too loud at night, bless them and pray for them. When they criticize your beliefs, respond with grace & understanding. When they hurt, sit with them, sharing the Hope that Jesus brings.

Don’t wait until you feel ready - make a decision to introduce Jesus to them through your faith, actions & words:  

“Bless those who persecute you. Don’t curse them; pray that God will bless them.  Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep. Live in harmony with each other. Don’t be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don’t think you know it all!”

- Romans 12:14-16

Your connection with Jesus will increase as you walk in obedience with Him -  sharing Him with the people He places around you.

Just as we fear missing out when we aren’t connected to the world around us, don’t miss out on God’s purpose for you at university. Seek Him in the secret place, seek Him in serving, seek Him in sharing Him. He is waiting to connect, don’t miss out.


 Viki is a part of Fusion's student mission team and is based in Sheffield. Her favourite things are huskies, the ocean and buying too many notebooks.

Find practical ways to get connected on the 24-7 Prayer student hub, or head to Fusion’s website for even more wisdom and inspiration.



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