"Need Prayer?" Canada's Portable Prayer Room - 8 Aug 2017

The Greater Ontario House of Prayer in Hamilton, Canada hosts a Prayer Truck each July for most of the month. Below is a report from this year for this simple, beautiful, city changing ministry...

The Prayer Truck is just a simple rental, decorated to be a prayer room.

It is equipped with a guitar, CD player, pillows to sit on and most importantly, paper on the walls to draw, write or present prayers in all sorts of creative ways. 

The truck, staffed by volunteers from churches from all over the city (usually working till midnight), is stationed at a downtown location with lots of foot traffic. A sign is put out on the sidewalk asking, simply, “Need prayer?”  Individuals come by and ask for prayer or are given a drink of water or something to eat. 

This beautiful intersection of the community of faith in the city with the community at large lasts all month.

And this year, the honour to participate in the Prayer Truck ministry was one for all six members of my family. youngest to oldest. During the month, each of us experienced unique, enriching encounters as we worked at all hours. We met new friends, read life changing prayers on the walls (and added some of our own), sort the Holy Spirit to direct us in prayer for strangers, acted as a listening ear for passers-by, provided a space for those in need of a few moments of safety and comfort, and joined a strong community of a widely diverse group of people, stepping outside the comfortable and familiar to see God at work in the lives of others.  

But most of all, we learned much about God’s heart for our city. And He loves and treasures each one of the 536,917 unique individuals who call Hamilton home. 

To befriend those from all walks of life who value prayer and acknowledge God’s ability to meet their needs is a powerful experience. To be able to meet the physical need for a cold glass of water on a hot summer day, to provide comfort for the lonely or a listening ear to those whose voices are rarely heard or acknowledged, to speak words of blessing and encouragement over those whose lives are a constant challenge, these are among the most blessed Prayer Truck moments.  

We learned about humility, we grew in faith, we experienced community and we witnessed beauty.  Oh, and we prayed. A lot.

And now, more than ever, we appreciate God’s words to Jonah: “Should I not be concerned for that great city?”  

We, too, have grown in our love for this place and all those who call it home. 


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