The Datzeberg: Transforming the Story of Forgotten Germany - 1 Aug 2017

Last week we received this update from one of our 24-7 Prayer communities in North East Germany. It's a beautiful reminder of how the simple message of the Bible can create a powerful impact: 

Our history is a story: a story of events, choices and discoveries of people as they make their way in our world.

In north-eastern Germany, there is a housing estate on the outskirts of Neubrandenberg called The Datzeberg.

After 40 years of communist regime, many left this area to go west, and this corner of the country lost its prosperity. The story of those living in The Datzeberg now is often defined by it's high unemployment and a reliance on social benefits. 

And for many, their own story is limited by these factors; and they live having never been shown they have any worth, any potential. 

The Polylux Community is a small group of friends who have been living and praying in this area for nearly 10 years.

The Datzeberg is our mission and our home because we believe that this community is worth more than the story that has been spoken over it. We want to build friendships, love people and create opportunities to know that they are loved by God; that they are part of a bigger story.

Many who live here don’t know anything about Jesus and the Christian faith. In June this year, we decided to share the “God story” with our neighbours and friends; creating short videos to tell the jargon-free story of the Bible, sharing them online each week. 

Thursday nights in June became “Lagerfeurerabends” or “campfire evenings” in our community, for anyone who wanted to discuss anything they watched on the video. Our hope was that people would watch the clips in their own time, then join us to discuss them, around the fire.

And we’ve been so encouraged by the response...

A 60 year old man with no time for Church came along because he knew and trusted us, saying he wanted to “check it out”. A young couple said they’ve never even thought about God, but after seeing the first episode talked at home for nearly 3 hours and wanted to know more. A young woman who had left church was deeply impacted by the simple idea that God considered her to have worth.

People here don’t speak easily about any sort of deep topic, yet we’ve continually had individuals joining the discussion and sharing their thoughts. After only 5 sessions, the task of creating these videos is an immense task - but the community is waiting, and we're so excited for whats ahead.

It’s incredible to see storytelling combined with creativity to share this God story in a new way for this community. I’m awed and amazed at the power of sharing our story of hope - God will do the rest.

The Bible is not just God’s story, it is ours, it is for everyone. It is letters, cultural history, but at its heart, it is the story of God and humanity in relationship.

Photo Credits: Jonte Schlagner 

Pray for the Polylux Community: 

-  Pray for rest over the summer break
-  Pray for the process of continuing to film the rest of the videos
-  Pray for wisdom, creativity and opportunities for the community as they step out to share Jesus with those around them 

Find out more about Die Geschichte (God Story) Here 

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