5 Simple Ways to Keep Praying This SummerTandia Hughes - 27 Jul 2017

It’s finally summer in the UK: holiday time has officially arrived. From students enjoying a long break from studying, to workers enjoying a week off in a hotter sunnier place - summer time means a change of our daily routines to something a bit more chilled, less stressful and more fun.

Yet, during holiday time, our prayer lives often take a back seat – it’s harder to concentrate on God at the beach and it’s always more tempting to lie in bed than get up for a quiet time.

But even in the midst of our summer break, making time for God will encourage and equip us for what’s ahead.

"Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking.

Instead, fix your attention on God -You’ll be changed from the inside out…” 

- Romans 12:1-2 (The Message) 

Here are 5 simple ways to keep praying this summer:

1. Journal on the move

Long journeys are the perfect place to reconnect with God, so next time you find yourself on a plane/train/car/boat, take a notebook with you and make space to write down your prayers. Pop your earphones in (not if you’re driving!) and focus on where God’s taking you this summer – literally and spiritually.

And when you’ve reached your holiday destination? Keep going with your journal and write down prayers each day. Then, read back after your break to see what God’s been saying and how your prayers have been answered.

2. Get Praise Walking  

If you’ve got a block of time off, it’s likely there’ll be a time during it where you’ve run out of things to do; or at least you’ll have a free hour in your schedule. Instead of watching something online, force yourself outdoors to walk around your community or find a peaceful spot which brings you joy. As you walk, praise God for who he is, what He’s done, and the area you find yourself in.

3. Start people praying

If people watching is one of your favourite things to do on the beach, in the park or at a café, use this as a way to pray for the people around you. Each individual has their own battles and challenges, and is known and loved by God. Pray simple prayers of blessing over the lives of those around you and make people watching a prayer activity.

4. Let Festivals prompt your prayers

During the summer months, festivals come and go in abundance: millions of people gathering to camp, sing and laugh together. Whether you’re heading to a music festival or Christian camp this summer, take time to stop and remember that not everyone enjoys the same freedom that we do.

Pray for those living in countries where freedom is limited, or where meeting together as Christians isn’t a viable option. Pray for God’s presence to dwell there as you camp.

5. Make space to rest

Our holidays are a time to do things we wouldn’t get to normally, but they’re also a time for us to regain our energy. Take five minutes out of every day to invite God to bring peace and rest to your body and soul. Then, take time to pray for others too. Pray for parents you know who are looking after children; for office workers who haven’t got much time off; for emergency services who are on-call every day.

Whether you’re heading off for a few days or longer, invite the Holy Spirit to be part of your break. Allow God to meet you in your holiday – and allow this time to enrich and enlighten your soul before work sets in.


Find more prayer ideas on the prayer pages of our website.




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