Catalyzing Prayer, Mission & Justice, globally - 12 Jul 2017

For over 17 years, 24-7 has been inspiring, equipping and pioneering prayer in nations all over the world.

Along the way, we’ve developed countless video and written resources to equip prayer, and partnered with organisations to develop international mission projects, fighting injustice all over the world. To date, over half the nations on Earth across thousands of communities - from colleges to breweries - have run 24-7 Prayer rooms.

And now, as we continue to grow, we’re really excited to launch a brand new initiative for supporting the work of the movement – the 24-7 Prayer Catalysts.

The 24-7 Catalysts are regular donors and are a core part of who we are, helping us to start new projects, support new communities and pursue the things that God is calling us to as a movement.

As we launch 24-7 Prayer Catalysts this week, we’re looking for 100 people to start to giving regularly as we seek to spark even more prayer, mission and justice all over the world.

Could you support the movement? Find out more:



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