Guernsey to Geneva - the Power of Praying for a Nation - 5 Jul 2017

This story is an incredible example of how God can work through individuals to impact nations: Christian and Stefanie are a couple in Switzerland whose prayers directly impacted another couple living in Guernsey.

Read Stefanie’s account of how God was at work in the big picture over a number of years, and be inspired to keep persevering in prayer for nations:

"One by one, God has added more puzzle pieces to the picture..."

This is a very simple yet extraordinary story, showing the obedience of ordinary people doing the things they felt the Lord was asking them to.

It was December 2014, and my husband Christian woke in the middle of the night with the Channel Islands on his mind. He couldn’t think of any connection to these islands; no reason for his waking up thinking about them. He felt like he should pray for them, which he did before going back to sleep.

The next morning, he was curious to know more - had something happened in the Channel Islands? Did the people there need prayer because of a specific event? But there didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary happening there.

And yet, Christian felt led to keep praying. And that’s what he did over the next few months, as he continued to try to find some connection to the place he felt compelled to pray for.

Sometimes I also prayed for the Channel Islands, knowing it was something the Lord had placed on our heart. We thought about taking a holiday there but it didn’t work out, so we just kept remembering them in our prayer.

It wasn’t until almost two years later, in October 2016, that the story developed further...  

Unknown to us, a couple from Guernsey, Adrian and Myfanwy, had travelled to the 24-7 Prayer conference in Geneva. There, Christian led a workshop where he talked about our community in Switzerland strongly linked with a 24-7 Prayer room. At the end, Adrian and Myfanwy come to talk to him, saying that they’d love to see something happening in their home - in Guernsey!

God had brought Christian his long-sought-after connection to the Channel Islands. What an amazing moment!

During the conference, they were so inspired that they decided that the Guernsey House of Prayer (GHOP) could become a reality. Adrian and Myfanwy had been faithfully following God and their prayers had led them to attend the Geneva gathering.

When they heard Christian’s story about how we’d prayed for the Channel Islands they invited us to come and visit them- so we went home and booked flights for Spring 2017.

One by one, God has added more puzzle pieces to the picture; we were amazed when the launch of the Guernsey House of Prayer ended up coinciding with the dates we had booked for our visit!

The dream for the Guernsey house of prayer is that 10,000 hours of uninterrupted prayer will be offered to God from 2018. We feel a lot of excitement over all that God is currently doing in Guernsey - and we continue to pray for more blessings as that work unfolds.


For more information about the Guernsey House of Prayer, contact us

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