Pete Greig on Preaching & Prayer - 15 Jun 2017

"One of the important things about preaching the gospel is to tell stories of answered prayer..."

Pete Greig shares his thoughts on preaching and teaching on prayer in a recent interview in Preach magazine: 

“We are called to incarnate the presence of God, in streets, in hospitals, in schools and so on.

God’s objective is not that we pray in some kind of transactional way, and then get on with our days, but that our very living and breathing is an in breaking of the kingdom, is an act of emancipation to those who are oppressed, is an act of sharing the gospel of Jesus with those who need good news. 

So then we have to ask ‘How on earth do we live like that?’ I think one of the keys to that is we re-centre on God’s presence. We receive the Spirit of God afresh on a regular basis so that we leak his presence everywhere we go.” 

Pete also shares insights from Dirty Glory, and the way 24-7 Prayer is transforming the way people pray, all over the world.

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