Postcards from Macedonia - 19 Apr 2017

Glasnost are an incredible 24-7 Prayer community based in Macedonia. Recently we received some amazing photos sharing their day-to-day life and how they act out prayer, mission and justice where they are. 

This is such an encouraging insight into life in Glasnost and how God is transforming cities and nations: 


Any church in a big city who wants to reach out to their local community has the challenge of where to start and who to connect with. Lately, we felt our biggest challenge was to build bridges between our community and the people around us...

Engaging with Refugees 

Here in Macedonia, refugees are passing through our country, and many get stuck in immigration centres at borders. We decided to step out and serve in different ways - from from giving out hot drinks and clothes to playing games.

We were able to pray with some people when the opportunity arose.Through these relationships, we were able to show love instead of fear, demonstrating that God loves everyone equally.

Meals for the Homeless 

Last year, an initiative developed on twitter and quickly spread among young people in Skopje: to cook meals for the homeless and give them out every Saturday afternoon. People started to come together to cook, so we opened our church.

Now, every Friday night we have a bunch of people cooking lots of meals and hanging out at our place.

Most people that come have no church affiliation and are atheists or liberals and are positively surprised of the church’s involvement in this. And, an unexpected outcome of this is that the project gained media coverage; and in every single interview, our church is mentioned and publicised! 

Sharing Jesus 

We live in a country that has huge Christian heritage, but for too long, the gospel hasn’t been shared in a way that makes sense. At the beginning of last year, we hosted our first Alpha course which was a real encouragement! 

We would really appreciate your prayers concerning all that we do asking God to bless our efforts and bring His kingdom in Macedonia. Thanks for reading! 

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