Non-Stop Prayer in an Asian Karaoke Bar - 16 Mar 2017

Sometimes, waiting for an answer to a big prayer can take a bit of time. Last week, we received this update from Asia - an amazing story of God's provision at exactly the right time: 

As soon as we stepped inside the abandoned Tibetan karaoke bar, we knew it was the perfect place for our prayer room.

We started looking for a new space more than two years ago - our team had prayed and asked God for the right place, but even though we spent hours looking at various locations, nothing seemed to work. 

A few weeks ago, two of us decided to take a Sunday afternoon to look for a new location - we were desperate, as the lease was up on our current place; a quiet residential space;  and we had to move out. We decided to go in faith that we would find a place in one afternoon. 

Our search hadn’t gone well - we looked at centrally located office buildings but the price was way outside of our budget and the rooms felt too sterile.  While waiting for the real estate agent, we decided to walk through the nearby plaza, a dilapidated stretch of buildings - sketchy one-star motels and eccentric restaurants with the smell of food waste mixing with incense burning. It felt like being transported to a disorganised and dirty trading town in the mountains; so out of place in this city of over 10 million.

 “As we walked around, hope began to rise in our hearts that we could find a space here…”

Yet, as we walked around, hope began to rise in our hearts that we could find a space here. It would be perfect for 24-7 prayer; people come and go day and night, and the entire place is filled with noise. We looked around and suddenly noticed a glass door that had a ‘for lease’ sign with a phone number. We peered through into a small space that looked like a restaurant with a tiny stage; tables and chairs shoved up against the wall. Up the stairs was a little loft-like space with two rooms. 

Immediately, we realised that this is what we were looking for. It was obvious that it had been some kind of karaoke bar-  people would be used to gatherings at night, so it was perfect for 24-7 prayer. I held my breath as my friend dialled the number and talked to the landlord - desperately hoping that the price wouldn’t be too high.

She got off the phone and grinned - the monthly rent was totally within our budget. It had been empty for a year and the landlord was eager to rent it. We met with the landlord and were utterly struck, looking around, how perfect the location was. 

We signed the lease and celebrated together with our first worship and encounter night with our community - we prayed passionately and received prophetic words about what the space is to be. 

As we moved our furniture from our old place to the new, we found a whiteboard we had previously filled with impressions about what our new place would be like. We were amazed to find that the details of our new place - even obscure things like a gold door - matched what we had written down on the whiteboard two years earlier!

Then, we found a printed prayer card which contained words that perfectly matched the prayers and prophecies of our first worship night the week before!

God is faithful! We are excited to relaunch our prayer room, and set up new rhythms of prayer to continue to fuel the mission to this amazing country and the Tibetan plateau in our backyard.  


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