5 Simple Ways to Stay Focused on GodTandia Hughes - 14 Mar 2017

In the busyness of daily life, it’s a real struggle to focus on God. For me, it can feel like a real battle - there are times when I feel like I’m doing a really great job, but then at other points, I feel like I’ve completely forgotten to pay God any attention.

That’s why, this year, my new year’s aim was to try harder to stay in tune to God’s way, not mine. If you need some handy tips, here’s what I’ve learnt along the way. 

5 simple ways to Focus on God


If you know you struggle to focus on God each day, make plans to change your habits! This year I’ve committed to reading the Bible in one year, and knew when I decided that I’d have to find a daily time to read and pay attention to God. Sometimes, focusing on God means preparing in advance but it really pays off.


Finding a podcast or devotional you want to listen to each day (check out our current series to get started) and plan a time each day to listen to it. Then, make sure you stick to it. Choose a time that works for you - so if you’re not a morning person, plan your time for later in the day when you’ll actually be awake!


When I was at uni, I started meeting 2 other girls on my course to pray together regularly. It was hard at first, but after a while we became really accustomed to it, and now we’re really good friends. Even now, I still hold myself accountable to them in my relationship with God.


Surrounding yourself with one or two Christians who know and love you and spend time being honest together about how you’re focusing on God. Make sure you pray together too!


At 24-7 Prayer HQ, we try to pray The Lord’s Prayer together at 12pm every working day - in being consistent we’re bringing God to the forefront of our minds.


Setting an alarm on your phone for a particular time each day, and when it goes off, remember God’s presence and refocus your heart and mind on Him.


Focusing on God doesn’t just have to be through wordy prayers - there are many other ways to draw our attention back to God - listening to worship music, painting, or even just journalling prayers in a new, creative way.


Finding a new way to focus on God by doing something a bit different. Get started with our creative prayer ideas, or encourage your church community to run a 24-7 Prayer room.


It’s so easy to compare other people’s relationship with God to our own. Often this can have a negative impact, making us believe others are closer to God than us. However, it’s so important to remember to be you - God loves you unconditionally for being you, and everyone focuses on God in different ways.


Pausing and taking a step back about your personal relationship with God. Think about what it means to be loved by God. This also has the benefit of helping to refocus your mind on God - and what it means to spend time in His presence.

Focusing on God is something we always need to keep working at - but we can get better at it and it’s definitely worth the time and energy.

Inspired to build new habits? Catch up with our Start Strong series and discover new ways to connect with God. 



Tandia Hughes

Tandia is part of the 24-7 Prayer team supporting prayer rooms internationally. With a passion for schools work, she is also part of the Prayer Spaces in Schools team. Tandia loves nature and long walks in the countryside.

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