New Life and Freedom in an American Prayer Room - 23 Feb 2017

We absolutely love receiving stories from church communities who have been transformed by 24-7 prayer. This amazing testimony is from Scott, based in America: 

"God has breathed new life into our community- I am amazed at the transformation..."

When I first arrived at our Church I was saddened by its prayerlessness. I noticed they had a prayer room—a small room with the words “Prayer Room” on the door. I opened it excitedly only to see that it was used for storage, not for prayer at all!

I talked with our senior pastor, who gave me permission to empty, paint and restore it. A small group of us started meeting there to pray and dream about what it would look like for our church to be a praying church.

Six years later, our vision has become reality. God has breathed new life into our community and I am amazed at the transformation. I strongly desired to do two weeks of 24-7 Prayer but was uncertain that we would be able to fill all the slots. Yet when I tentatively suggested one week to our leadership team, they responded with eagerness, “Why not two?!”

We announced it to our community and it was incredible to see their response. I was surprised to hear people say they’d been praying and waiting for years for a 24-7 Prayer room to happen at our church!

The theme of our room was “Hunger & Thirst”. We encouraged our community to pray personally, corporately and missionally for increased hunger to his Word and thirst for His presence. Multiple people were drawn to pray Psalm 145 personally and for our church. They had no idea that our worship pastor has prayed this over our church every week (without fail) for the past 16 years! What a blessing it was to see God share that with others!

“Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom,

and your dominion endures through all generations.

The Lord is trustworthy in all he promises

and faithful in all he does.”

- Psalm 145:13

Despite deep snow and ice proving a logistical challenge, we had so many great moments. We hosted two worship evenings, which were rich with a sense of anticipation. We had individuals freed from life-long bitterness. A young man who grew up in a cult gave his life to Jesus and marked it by taking communion—a powerful moment of freedom and new life. A man so ill he had to be placed in an induced coma was restored to full health—a clear answer to the intensive prayer effort on his behalf over the two weeks (including his daughter being in the prayer room at 2am every day for a week)!

Many people who had never prayed before have discovered a love for prayer. Even the snow was an unexpected blessing: it forced people to do their prayer hour at home, often setting up a “prayer room” space and praying with friends and family instead! There were so many stories and many powerful prayers prayed.

We are now one month on and there is a noticeable change in our church! Our staff are excited and the church is keen for the two weeks to be repeated. Our community has been so impacted by the prayer room (and the demand so great) that we have decided to leave the room set up and accessible during office hours for the remainder of the year.

We are already planning our next 24-7 Prayer time; each person on staff now spends an hour per week in the prayer room interceding for their ministry; and our church is praying with a frequency and intensity I never imagined possible. It is true: God does immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine (Eph 3:20).

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