The incredible story of MaruwaanPete Portal - 9 Feb 2017

Pete is part of the Tree of Life community, a 24-7 Prayer community living and serving in Manenberg, South Africa.

At our 24-7 Prayer conference in Geneva last year, we heard and learnt about the work that they do, watching a video about an individual called Maruwaan. This incredible story is now available to watch online: 

One of the ministries of Tree of Life is CRU62, a home for young men looking for help leaving gangs and drugs behind. Maruwaan joined CRU62 in May 2015 as a Muslim, addicted to heroin, and caught up in a life of crime.

Whilst living in CRU62 he got free from addiction, began to follow Jesus, and set about discovering who he had been created to be.

Maruwaan's story epitomises the promise in the book of Jeremiah that anyone who seeks God with their whole heart will find him, and it gives hope for both those caught up in the same issues as he was, as well as those trying to help addicts get free.


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Pete Portal

Pete Portal is 28, from London. After leaving Edinburgh university, he worked in kids TV for CBBC. I left for Cape Town in 2009. Since then, Pete can be found walking the streets of Manenberg, fixated by the vision of seeing the Kingdom break into addicted and violent lives through encounters with Jesus.

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