Mysteries unravelling in Mumbai - 31 Jan 2017

We’re always so excited to hear of stories of 24-7 Prayer all over the world. We received this short testimony from India, where a community have slowly been increasing and growing their prayer room:

“There is a Spirit of Prayer arising among our people...”

It all started when we gathered in Singapore for last year’s Asia Gathering - after a powerful few days of encounter, I returned with one resolve: let us start 24-7 Prayer. Let it start with me and my local community.

We launched in September with a whole day of 24 hour prayer and we were amazed that 67 people turned up! This grew the next month when we hosted another day of unbroken prayer, and by December, almost 100 people attended our day of 24-1 Prayer

The stations in the prayer room drew lots of attention, from the creative space in the corner to focused prayer for our community. We encouraged people to pray and prophetically write as they heard from God too.

We've received so many encouraging comments:

“What an ambience of celebration to pray in!”

“An 8 year old girl came in - she was very excited - and prayed creatively for 45 minutes”

“It was an amazingly pleasant place to pray and just be in his presence”

There has been more and more participation and people are excited to be engaged with this. For many, it was the first time they’ve ever prayed for an hour without stopping - there is a Spirit of Prayer arising among our people.

This month, we’ve extended to 3 days of unbroken prayer, and we are expectant for more stories and testimonies to be revealed; for more mysteries to be unravelled as we pray. “

A 24-7 prayer room can happen anywhere - and incredible moments of encounter happen when people devote hours to pray. Start planning your own prayer room by heading to our prayer rooms page.


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