Geneva'16: Talks now ONLINE! - 29 Nov 2016

It's been a whole month since almost 500 people from 26 different nations gathered for our 24-7 Prayer European Conference in the stunning city of Geneva... 

It was a great time of meeting: we ate and prayed together, and enjoyed a jam-packed programme of seminars, main sessions and even a Swiss-themed fondue party! 

Now, you can watch all of the main session talks in full:  


Thursday PM: Dr. Johannes Hartl


Friday AM: Pete Greig


Saturday AM: Miriam Swaffield


Sunday AM: Adam Cox

Our time together was truly significant. 

What became really apparent is that when passionate prayer people meet together, something beautiful happens. God's presence was so evident in all of our meeting places, and it felt like a real significant step to awaken the dawn, together.

Tickets are already available for our 2017 Conference in Birmingham next October. We'll be joining with Worship Central to pray and seek God's Kingdom. 

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