The Dirty Glory StoryJoanna Callender - 22 Nov 2016

"Dirty Glory is a wonderfully simple, yet beautifully complex collation of stories that will inspire you to fall in love with Jesus even more..."

"Go where your best prayers take you. Unclench the fists of your spirit and take it easy. Breathe deep of the glad air, and live one day at a time. Know that you are precious”  - Frederick Buchner

When we pray, we get to communicate with God; creator of the universe. This can feel pretty overwhelming and we can sometimes struggle to know where to start. Yet the thing about Dirty Glory, Pete Greig’s new book, is that it manages to inspire prayer not with elaborate theology or explanation, but powerful, inspiring stories (“God is weaving a million stories together, creating a narrative far bigger than us all” ).

Over the past 10 years, the 24-7 Prayer movement has spread across nations, with more than half the countries on earth running prayer rooms. It would be easy for Dirty Glory to focus on the facts and figures, but Pete chooses to focus on individual stories of transformation; the real heart of who we are and what we do.

Yet within these characters, we’re still able to grasp the bigger picture of how 24-7 Prayer has captured the heart of thousands more, all over the world. One hour in one prayer room sparks a wave of prayer across a nation; one individual steps out of their comfort zone with miraculous results. ( “Whenever we stop saying ‘no’ to God’s plans and start saying ‘yes’, His Kingdom comes. It’s as simple and sensible as that.”) Within its pages, Dirty Glory captures how one simple concept - constant prayer - has led to extraordinary miracles. 

“The Word became flesh, and made his dwelling among us”  - John 1:14

The book unfolds with Jesus right at the beginning. The very title of the book, Dirty Glory, captures the celebration of God’s Glory becoming flesh. (We believe that God’s eternal word once squealed like a baby, and, when eventually he learned to speak, it was with a regional accent.”)  Through five sections titled “Presence”, “Prayer”, “Mission”, “Justice” ,“Joy”, Pete takes readers on a journey of discovery. Every story starts with God’s presence impacting someone, somewhere. 

And this is where we begin too. But from that place of prayer and worship, comes a bigger story - an impact on the world that flows not from obligation or duty, but from a passion to show the incredible power of Jesus and live this out: 

“Ultimately it is only the presence of God which distinguishes us from everyone else. We drive the same cars, speak the same language, watch most of the same movies,but we are temples of the Holy Spirit. This is what sets us apart in the culture. We are carriers of the presence of God” 

Dirty Glory is a wonderfully simple, yet beautifully complex collation of stories that will inspire you to fall in love with Jesus even more. Stories inspire and encourage us because they capture the heart of who we are as humans. And this book, multiple times, will make you believe that if these things have happened to others, they could also happen to you. 

If you’re excited about hearing incredible stories about prayer - get this book. If you want to learn more about the prayer, mission and justice vision behind who we are as a movement -  get this book. If you want to delve deeper in prayer and need some more inspiration to do so regularly - get this book.

It will capture your heart and help you discover more of Jesus; as well as helping you to pray to get to know him better. 

Dirty Glory is available from all good bookstores - find out more at


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